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Know, Grow and Keep Your Audience

By building and retaining community around content, we allow brands to know, grow and keep a passionate audience for each content campaign.
How We Work

Know, Grow and Keep Your Audience


Know and connect with the best trendsetters in your audience in a revolutionary way that Facebook and Google don't allow.


Build a self-promoting community around great content. Drive valuable analytics, trend data and predictive insights that help you build a movement around your message.


Currently, you have to pay to build an audience from scratch with every release. What if you could bring a passionate audience with you every time you launch a new content campaign?

Amp.it is a Digital Media "Echosystem"
that Connects Creators & Fans

The digital media industry is flying blind. Big Social will tell you how many watched, but they won't tell you who. Amp.it tells you who is watching and why.

Our Team

Our diverse, Ivy-league educated team is 50-50 women & men, and comprised of socially committed, world-class creatives, technologists & youth-marketing specialists.

Between us we have: Multiple Emmy Nominations, an Academy Award submission, properties that have reached 100 million+, and decades of experience at organizations such as: Google, LinkedIn, Motorola, MTV, Disney, Creative Artists Agency, the DNC, HBO, Fremantle Media, ABC, Univision, Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks and Harpo.